Icotherm Roof

Fed up of wasted space that you can only use at certain times of the year? Don’t know what the options are?

Icotherm Timber-Framed Light Weight Roofs provide the solution when it comes to replacing your old conservatory roof whilst adding value, versatility and privacy. Our innovative technology means you can have a tiled roof that is only marginally heavier than its glazed counterpart. It meets Government Guidelines and gives you the room you always wanted.

Icotherm timber structures are an environmentally friendly solution that not only look beautiful, and are practical, but also conform with Building Regulations for structural and thermal performance.Superior Performance & Air Flow Icotherm Roofs are fully ventilated enabling air to flow over the eaves and through the entire roof system leaving through the ridge or wall plate, giving you a versatile year-round living space. Even better, you get to save on heating bills.

Transform your conservatory into the year round room you’ve always wanted. 90% warmer in Winter and 70% cooler in Summer

Warmth and Comfort

The icotherm roof system is constructed using C24 building grade timber, 150mm thick PIR board and deliberately avoids the use of Aluminium or Steel framework which is prone to cold bridging. The lower the U value the better the performance. Icotherm achieves a U Value of 0.18 W/m2 k meeting all government guidelines. Timber thermal conductivity = 0.16 W/m 2k
Aluminium Thermal Conductivity = 160 W/m2 k

Enjoy the benefits of an Icotherm roof A solid investment offering excellent value for money and peace of mind, as all Icotherm roofs are covered by a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The Icotherm Solid roof is fully compliant with Building Regulations Our roof system is approved by JHAI Building Inspectors, structurally approved by Rhodes & Partners, Structural & Civil Engineers and offers a fuss free solution to obtaining Building Regulations where required.

The Benefits

  • Prefabricated modules ensures speedy installation
  • Building Control Compliant
  • Structurally Approved by Rhodes & Partners,
  • Structural & Civil Engineers 10 Years Manufacturing Warranty
  • Eco-Friendly Timber 
  • The Ultimate Green Building Solution
  • 11 Hipped Edwardian Hipped Lean - to Combination
  • Thermally Efficient: Cool in Summer, warm in Winter 
  • Choice of internal and external finishes, lighting and windows