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Refurbishment Conservatory Roof

The most popular type of roof, that uses the existing frames of a glass conservatory.

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The Refurb Roof

Up to 40% cheaper than a full replacement

If a full roof system is not what you’re after, we can fit a roof on to your existing glass frames that is insulated and tiled. We are able to do this as glass is exceptionally heavy so the frame is able to take the weight of the roof. This is the cheapest option of insulated conservatory roof we offer.


  • Use existing frames
  • 100mm Celotex, U-Value
  • Plywood boards
  • 4 – 5 days installation(average)
  • Roof Lights – Lightweight roof tiles
  • Roof Windows (maybe available)
  • Up to 40% Cheaper than a full replacement


We Can Fit An Insulated Roof On Any Style Of Conservatory!

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