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Supalite Warm Roof System

The Supalite Tiled Roof System is an extremely lightweight replacement warm roof system, offering excellent thermal efficiency.

A streamlined, yet fully structural aluminium frame, within integrated insulation is combined with lightweight roof tiles which offer a life-expectancy of 60 years and provide a long-lasting and hardy combination to withstand even the worst the British weather can muster.

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The Supalite Roof System

As with other roof systems, the Supalite Tiled Roof is specifically designed to replace your existing roof, while still retaining the existing walls, windows and doors, with minimal disruption. A wide range of colours ensures there is something to suit every taste.

This costs less than a LEKA roof system, it has 150ml of insulated Celotex, the gutters and fascia can match the property, and come in a variety of colours. This type of roof takes slightly longer to fit than a LEKA roof as it needs to be cut to size on site.


  • Aluminium Frame
  • 150ml Celotex, U-Value 0.18
  • Plywood boards
  • 4-5days installation(average)
  • Fascia & guttering matches property
  • Roof lights – Windows – Lightweight roof tiles


We Can Fit An Insulated Roof On Any Style Of Conservatory!

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